Welcome to the SWK Petz Archive!

This site was formerly known as Silent Wolf Kennelz, and is now archive-only. All of our old files are available for free download here, but the site is no longer updated.

These files were made for the original Petz games released in 1995 - 2002. Not to be confused with the newer game series of the same name!

Silent Wolf Kennelz was created in 2004 by Tessa and Manda. We both have left and returned to the Petz Community many times over the years and SWK has taken many forms, but we've since split up to maintain separate websites

You can find some more recent petz creations from Manda at her new website Gossipin

Tess is not currently active in the Petz Community, but can be found at her adoptables website Chicken Smoothie

All content owned by Manda & Tessa unless otherwise stated, do not submit our images/files anywhere without our permission.