Tessas Breeds

All files are designed for Dogz 5 only. Breed files should be installed into the Resource/Dogz folder


Bunnies for Dogz! Plenty of dutch variations, plus lots of solid colour variations.

Bunny OW Dogz 5 (Dalmatian) - Bunny Non OW Dogz 5
Note: Doesn't always breed true.

Finnish Spitz

More variations in file than those pictured.

FinnSpitz Non-OW Dogz 5


KK.Hondje Non-OW Dogz 5

Wolf Hybrid V.2

This file overwrites the original wlfhyrbid breed I made. It's not perfect - but here it is

Wlfhybrid Non-OW Dogz 5
Note: Whites of the eyes sometimes don't breed true

Wolf Hybid V.1

My original wolf hybrid breed - the first breed I made. This overwrites the version 2 of wlfhybrid. I'm just leaving this up here incase anyone prefers this.

Wlfhybrid Non-OW Dogz 5

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